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I was born in Northwestern Xinjiang, China. I have painted since childhood, my father said you could draw the animals you saw, or the sights, with your memory. So I used chalk to draw the train, the ducks ... then I shared it with my friends.  A lot of people always encouraged me, saying that I paint well. Many years later, I became an artist.

Drawing and painting changed how I pursue art in my life.  I, like many high-art candidates in China, was selected to study at the most coveted Art schools in China. Through painting, my observation of life has both a figurative imagination and a serious thinking attitude. When I applied for The Central Academy of Drama, I remembered that year there were about 2000 candidates, at the most general admission result is 12 students. I was one of the lucky ones. I recall at one point when I was in school, I was watching a play with my classmates. Suddenly, I felt the use of stage blocking, and the rendering of lights can convey a lot of artistic languages. These languages are more direct than the idea of an oil painting. As a result, I became deeply obsessed with the art of the stage. After graduating, I worked as a lecturer tutoring hundreds of students. With my help, they had excellent grades in stage art or painting. Later, I developed my own stage lighting design company, but after several years of experience, I  found that I cannot continue to work in design to support the life I wanted. Finally, I chose to study in the United States, and consider myself very fortunate that I met my advisors and now close friends Brian J.Ruggaber and Anthony Pellecchia who helped me affirm my choice. ‘To do art with my heart, and to communicate through art with emotion’. I want to use my artistic language to awaken the world with the passion to do a good job on every design I create.

Projection design
Lighting Design Accidental Death of an Anarchist
Shenzhen Cultural Tourism Project
Inherit The Wind
Swan Lake concept scenic1
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Projection design
great wall scenic paitting
Sun light
NKU SOTA- The Lightning Thief 2-23-2022 -667_edited.jpg
The Mystery of Edwin Drood
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Violet - Musical
Peter and the Starcatcher
The Lighting Thief Concept
Violet - Musical
Why I live at the P.O.
Peter and the Starcatcher

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